Children of Youngerwoman

    One Halloween, when the highways were still, a Youngerwoman came  to the house of her only clown child.  “Child,” she said, “don’t fear  the future.  We, your mothers and your brothers, can show you the proper  way to sort the takers from the givers and you will become strong from  the knowledge.”   The Youngerwoman liked to brag about her knowledge.   She knew that if the children did indeed listen to her, that they would  find their own way on the highway.  This was the beginning of a Special  Time for her only clown child.  It was to be the day of the clown  child’s Second performance for the Scarecrow.  A Second performance was  when the growth pattern was submerged into the depths of  sub-consciousness and molded to fit her frame exactly as it had been  re-destined.  This was the day that her mothers and her brothers would  teach her to swim on the highway that was now so still.  The  Youngerwoman sensed the excitement in the air of the Space.

      They were all gathering in the large area known as the Storehouse.  The  two youngest brothers, Todd and Sharlie, had just arrived on their  wheelbars and were searching for a fine place to Stand for the  performance, as they wanted the clown child to see them first.  They  were always the most receptive of her brothers at her re-hearsals.  They  had been at her first performance and they had laughed the loudest.

      They were again prepared to laugh the loudest, because they knew that  the Scarecrow Never laughed.  They did not want the clown child to face  the day without the lightness that she has been preparing for.  She had  not been told that the Scarecrow Never laughed.  She believed that the  comical antics she had been re-hearsing were indeed to make the  Scarecrow laugh.  She knew that her mothers and her brothers pictured  her as a success, but if nobody laughed, how could she face the highway  alone?  Her Youngest brothers showed to keep the air infused with the  confidence that the clown child had grown to Know and Move with.

      More mothers and brothers arrived soon, and the Storehouse grew audible  to the universe.  They were all quite vocal in comparing their own  Second performance for the Scarecrow.  No one ever knew anything about  the Scarecrow until their own Day, although all of their Younger lives  were spent preparing for their Own Special performance.

      The Storehouse quieted as the clown child stepped onto the circular  stage.  She rotated as she searched the crowd for familiar faces.  Todd  and Sharlie waved to her, smiling.  They knew that she felt Alone up  there and they did their best to make her feel connected.  The lights  went down as circus music played lightly in the dusk.  She was dressed  in a ancient costume reminiscent of the mimes they had all seen in the  old painting in the Gallery.  Her white face seemed pale up there.  This  Second performance was the one they had all been waiting for.  The  Space was as still as the Highway.  She began her routine as she always  had during re-hearsal, “Is anybody listening?”

      They all watched as the Scarecrow mounted the stage behind the clown  child.  Only she did not see her.  She was telling the joke of war.   They laughed.  They cried.  They were the ones she was talking about.

      The clown child was on a roll.  Her comical movements and faces had the  Space rolling with laughter.  The history of the worlds is alive with  humorous dreams and visions.  The mothers and the brothers have taught  her how to view the Past and Future with an open mind, finding the pain  of the Quest filled with laughter.  This Day was no different than any  of the Past.  Her pain was buffered by the tears of humor.  As the rest  of her family watched with amazement the finest show that the clown  child had ever done, the Scarecrow did something that no one had ever  seen her do before.  She smiled.  The clown child still did not realize  that the Scarecrow was standing behind her on the stage.  When she told  the joke about turning water into wine, Todd and Sharlie laughed as they  always had at this part of the show.  They knew now that there was no  need for them to fear the worst.  Everyone was laughing at her jokes  about the Special Forces and the Crossing Wind and the Magic Death, even  the one about the Scarecrow.  The clown child’s growth pattern was  maturing in front of their very eyes.  Youngerwoman was as proud of her  as she had been of her Divine Son’s Second performance.

      The Scarecrow moved closer to the clown child.  Youngerwoman sat on the  edge of her seat.  What could this mean?  The Scarecrow had never acted  like this at any other Second performance.  She smiled!  Now she was  approaching the clown child.  Now she was holding her belly and she was  laughing.  As she moved closer to the clown child, Youngerwoman could  see the tears flowing from her eyes.  Was she laughing or crying?  Todd  and Sharlie could see this happening.  They wished the clown child would  turn around.  No one in the Space knew what was going on, but the  Scarecrow was almost beside the clown child now.  As the Scarecrow  stepped into place alongside the clown child, she reached out and  touched her shoulder.  Then she fell to her knees.  The clown child  looked at her and Knew.  As the Scarecrow slid to the surface of the  stage, dying, she smiled broadly and whispered to the clown child,   “Bless you child, I AM now at peace.  You bring joy to the others, and I  will pass out of this space and into another.”  Her speech was getting  slower and it was hard for the clown child to understand her as she  finished her task.  “It is you, dear, that I leave my knowledge with,  and freely pass to the next space.”  The clown child knelt and cradled  the Scarecrow lovingly, and said, “I will use it well, Mother.”  As the  Scarecrow took her final breath the Universe shook with the force of her  last whisper, “I love you.” 

©Donna M. Surles 2010