.everyone falls.

abandoned on the stairs.among

broken walls and smudged rainbows

can I depend on destiny to free me?

depend on destiny.to free me.no.

envelope me.envelope me in the.the

fields of light.dark.shattering void

giving substance to the emptimess

hanging from my frozen branches.

I.no not I.I watched you break

just break.not shatter.just break

killing my dream.at least I thought

light couldn't get in anymore

making my dream dark

no not dark

only shadowed.

pure. though it was

quite functional I discovered

revealing a

shred of light (magically now opening pure thought)

that in my mind that was no longer mine

universally it was theirs. it was

violated.yes violated


X number of strangers watched

you. or is it me now. no you.no me. as you

zoned my mind for proximal development.