Extrovertive Mysticism

Extrovertive Mysticism = No Religion?

Beyond space and time, there is the eternal NOW.  This is what the Eternal Now would tell us, "You can, using your ordinary senses, gaze into the eternal now and find ME there.  In a extrovertive state of consciousness your perception of the world is changed and unified into one ultimate being, YOU."

In an age of cellular phones and computer modems there is a clearer vision than ever before, can we call God?  Do we dare name the deity that we hold responsible for our sorrows and joys?  For centuries we have been plagued with scenarios for Armageddon and the Rapture.  A form of Extrovertive Mysticism is to see the "Spirit" in everyday life.  Check the movie listings and read the TV Guide.  The Death and Resurrection is symbolized in every screenplay ever written.

Laurie Anderson, a performance artist, said, "I don't believe in an such thing as TV.  the just show the same thing over and over again."  This reverence for television has turned a piece of furniture into a Pandora's Box of the Twenty First Century.  It's all in there.  You just have to look inside...

"How do you let the world in?"

"Can't keep it out."


Prophets have followed a path that the needle has lead the strings of time.  Religious leaders have kept their followers on that path.  Prophets and religious leaders are now part of the information highway.

Computer technology shows us a photo of the future and we all see the picture differently.  A handful of us have been correlating our responses and we have reached a conclusion that helps us translate our culture.  The media entertains us and helps us decide what to buy and sell.  Is it a word game entrusted with the power of persuasion?  The nothingness of existence is nothing but a word game.  According to Meister Eckhart, "There is no idea, form, or likeness of God that we can make for ourselves."  In Eckhart's life, no there was not.  Their outside influences consisted of church language and bar speak.  There was no communication through wire or cable.  We now have information on demand.  We now have wireless communication with virtually everyone, so why should we continue to wonder if the Supreme Being, which is not an entity or a thing or pure being or pure nothing, is communicating with us?


All faiths concur with the theories of a Universal Consciousness in one form or another.  These include Pantheism, Stoic Pantheism, Identity of Opposites Pantheism, and the 17th century idea that the world and God exist in indissoluble unity.  An Absolutist view of this theory is that God is identical with the world, both being absolute and changeless.  Hinduism approaches this concept, that the inner self and the Divine are absolute and identical.  The Identity of Opposites Pantheism is evident in Buddhist devotions.  Monastic Pantheism grew out of the mystical movement of Sufism.

If God and the world are identical, are we not God?  Meister Eckhart believed this and cultures alive today believe it.  Forces of truth create human excellence.  The Evolution of Consciousness has awakened the Divine Dream.  Our cultural evolution, of which Eckhart and Buddhist monks have contributed, is alive with Spirit.  History has completed a jigsaw puzzle to be assembled by the mystics and the scientists.


If the media...helps us watch the horizon, and, if we all diffuse the information in different ways, then the horizon is a very busy place.  In order for even the most inconsequential communication to be effective it must first attract your attention, you must then accept it, so it can be interpreted and stored for future use.

This is a page of a letter that I wrote in 1986, when I first became aware of my existence:


I understand the concept of behavior modification, and I now understand the nature of the experiments (that) I have been subjected to.  I will ask no questions now. I am in awe.  I don't know who heads the operation or even if it is terrestrial.  My father is...Verne (is)...others are suspicious.

I am honored.  I can make it cause I can take it.  FACT:  I love all my "CD players".  (I do have my favorites.)  I feel welcome in the machine.  I will be happy to release any information about this deception of research.  I am not bitter about the embarrassment or even the anguish.  That only proves that I have succeeded in learning to deceive even myself.  I can accept the charade because it could not possibly have happened any other way.  I couldn't have written about things I didn't know if I did know them,  Right!

I have been bitchy though, haven't I?


Culture made stupid.


Don't you get it?  the Q-crew does not play Michael Jackson.  It was the Pleasure Principle in action. Edgar was driving my car, so they were playing for him.  I could tell you more that I've heard, but it would blow your mind.  When you realize the scope of what's going on, call me, we'll talk!

Watch for Doctor Jimmy and Mister Jim when the snakes come marching in!

I know about the Control of Candy Jones.  I've known about it for a long time.

69. p=12, f=$800, b=$4000, q=36   find A

End of letter...

That was the beginning of my quest for the cosmic answer.  In my life, religion, faith and spiritual endeavors were absent.  I knew what it all was but the subjects had never made me FEEL anything.  But MUsIC did.  (The real story here is how 7 disc jockey's at a rock and roll station showed ME my spirit.)

There are many descriptions of the exalted state of being that I am in contact with.  The live wire of experience has brought me to a consciousness that I will try to describe in 21st century words.  The condemnations of mystics over the centuries make it difficult for anyone to make this claim.  The words used to illustrate this state of consciousness sound like the ecstasies of a lunatic.  Is there no reality to the mystical consciousness?  My delusions of grandeur make for a richer life.  It has taken me many years to gain the strength to say this:  I have passed through the purgatory, lingered at the sight of the divine illumination and I believe in the Union.  The spirit and the mind are able to finally recognize each other and lead a fuller life this way.

It is still a struggle every day, but I believe in myself.  Everything I see, hear and smell, touch and taste reminds me; IO can have no body yet appear to be.


If angels are agents of the soul, and the mystic really is "in touch" with the "other world", how do I interpret what I see?  That is the questionable part of my intellectual plan.  Unity shines through trees-hills-tables-chairs.  We can realize this using our ordinary senses.  Can we see the angels?  Do we really hear HIM?  What are the forms of imagery that stimulate the senses?


Blake said that Jesus is imagination.  Today humanity is media bound.  We have a culture that isolates it's people.  Television is the largest force for separation of the family.  At one time, when television was novel and almost supernatural, it was conducive to family life.  The family "got together" after dinner to be entertained by television aimed at them, "the family".  As the world grew and technology progressed the family we knew was formed into "co-habitating individual consumers".

Television is just one of the mediums responsible for the "quest for Oneness".  We are bombarded with information every waking moment of our days.  This was always so.  Nature is the moving force of the world. The Air, the Wood, the Metals, and the Minerals kept our bodies alive.  The Radio, the Music, the Television and the Books keep our minds alive.  Medium Messages are the moving force of the world.  (We are destroying Nature - What are we doing to our Ourselves?)

My personal philosophy of religion, faith, space and time, etc...is the view of a common (cosmic) thread in the theories, manifestos, ideologies, and the sacred and the profane, etc....Unlike Hume, I believe I do have Positive and Empirical Knowledge of a Divine being united.  I have a reason to believe.*

There is NOW a Science of God (see Cyberspace).  Sacred Time and Sacred Space have evolved into Wireless Communication Anywhere Anytime Always.  We have come to a point in history where there is no new idea.  Every story, every blueprint, Everyman can see the Other in Everyone they have ever Experienced.  (see Eliade)  (All spaces and all times are Identical.)

I can see clearly now the truth and falseness in all.  My father said they were both sides of the same coin.  That is the reality.  Meaningless... I no longer share sacred space with my father.

I have done what I could to train myself to be logical...

Human tones

Runes and riddles

Glory that was

Glimpse the eerie

Free for all

Plus shipping secret

Mystical dancing

And that carried into my singing.


Sound is the key to time travel

Whatever you hear is happening now

In the 5th dimension

Synchronicity in the senses, movement and


Hello, I love you.

The theory of everything.  Super strings = guitar strings.

Here come the Hooters again.


I Know the Secret

The 7 Last Words of Christ





Hearing is believing

The Sound of Music (Jethro Tull)

Music of Faith and Inspiration (Creation)

Starman (photo)

Angel (drawing)

The Mission

The End



~ Donna Surles (written sometimes during the 90's)~