My Words

yet untitled

We have shared espressos, kingdoms, lightning rods, band-aids, pink ponies, killing machines, and bottomless glass jars filled with lightning bugs that kept our secret world illuminated,
we have played games so high up the mountain that no one could see the ball drop into the fog glistening with infinite equations,
we have listened to ballerinas weeping for their unborn children who would never learn that the wind only comes to rest on laughter,
we have taught alligators to dance graceful water beneath the bridge of our mostly dreamt sighs,
we have decorated the tree together using only secondhand words pried from the mouths of silent promise keepers bent on destroying mama's dream,
and now
you say
you say
that's not enough.

We have searched for the lost mirror that reflects the genuine precious star-crossed time and date breaking clock,
we have seen multitudes of clowns carrying circus animals to the ring to entertain only us while we pretended to sleep,
we ourselves have wept for the close and distant friends that we have lost to the hungry machine that has no mercy,
we have desired to be free of the shackles that in fact initially gave us our new found brilliant dreams,
we have opened barricaded doors only to find the same world only different on the other side inviting us to enter,
and now
you say
you say
that's not enough.

Bring me the dream you had of all the airplanes flying, buffalo standing, china dolls winking, ice cream melting, lightbulbs flashing, tattoos healing, monuments rising, coils wound tight around lollipops of change, and I will show you the true meaning of sacrifice.

More Words

The God Grid

Every blank sheet of paper contains it.
Every random thought you have contains it.
A master architect at work to design
ways to fill the empty space between us.
I have counted the proposals.
I have checked the sound levels.
I have adjusted the light.
And I have finally fitted the last piece of the puzzle.

Building time in space is no longer a dream.
I have made it a reality.
You dreamed my dream for me
And now my dream is real.

I didn't need a thing from you
Maybe that's what you loved about me.
You held me softly in your arms
As you sing to me a new song now.

Sound check - stand back.