SHADOW ON THE MOON or It’s like Eating Desert First


Amid the bright and gentle
                           And gentle
Illumination of the pool
Lay ladies with blue feathers blowing bubbles over you.
Ribbons of roses
Flow slow
Over waves and capes of 

Over all the eyes shine through
                             Shine through
On a dark black night like this.
The questioning answer seems not to affect the likes of you.
This is only
The beginning
Of nights to remember.

The Perfect Stranger is near
                                  Is near
After traveling so long.
You must be in hyperdrive, you’ve been blinded by lies.
Penguins dance
With princesses
Who wear their love like heaven.

Swinging on your words
                      Your words
Dancing on your principles
That summer of magic and music gave colours to the dreams.
When did you say
That magic
Was your speciality?

Give me the breath
               The breath.
Give me the heartbeat
I want the ceaseless rhythm that filled our dark night.
Your veiled eyes
Spoke volumes
That escape me still.