Stars & Eyes

I  saw a royal woman in peasant garb.  She was trying to explain to the  local boys that she didn't belong there.  She said that she was from  another world.  "Not another planet," she was emphatic about that.   "Just another world," she would shout!

"And how do I get back?" was the question she kept repeating over and over.  This world seemed to be getting  on her nerves.  She seemed intent on trying to explain the difference  between her world and the world the boys were inhabiting at this very  moment.  "There really is no difference!"  She was quite agitated.

The  boys were playing spitball and fence-the-pig and really weren't paying  much attention to her.  That seemed to unsettle her even more.

"It's  a joke!", she cried, and as the tears began forming in the corners of  her smile, the boys noticed, as boys seem to notice the most unusual  things, that as the woman tried to convince them that there were indeed  things that they didn't notice, that a cloud began forming around her.

The  faster she spoke, the faster her hands tried to illustrate what she  thought were the most important things that she was saying, the faster  the sparks of dew and sand and light and dark and leaves and pollen and  dust and ...grew around her to form the most perfect aura of immaculate  speculation that the boys had ever seen.

Actually, they  had no idea what was going on and even if they did, they would think  that they were still sleeping in their comfortable race-car beds in  their "How do we make the mortgage payment this month?" homes that even  then still belonged to the bank, not thier parents, dreaming of  Christmas.

Just as she was forming the words to repeat her  question, she thought she'd ask one more time, no matter how futile  this pretense seemed to be, the cloud closed in on her and she found it  beginning to become very hard to breathe.  

"This is it." she supposed to  herself, and as the boys attention was drawn to this spectacle, she  disappeared