The Poison Tree

Birds moved over the Everland.

No sympathy  Dancing in circles

One distant memory of the circulatory system

What is enlightment?  A non-emergency?

Waiting so long to be where we're going

As hostages of love. rain whisperers

Like a prayer in a vision quest

Swans - silvertones- order the return.

Still there is reason to believe - don't know much

Metaphorical transformations - what color lies?

Trust that your blood flows to the present

Only to return to the place you've always known.

Your heart beats wildly, as a comet streaks

To someplace long before forever began.

A tear- stained map, manifested in the light.

God only knows this strange immortal one.

Dancing through the eye of a needle

Balancing on the head of a pin

Short sharp bursts of staccato

Beat a new rhythm to my soul.

A common ground, nowhere

A closely guarded secret

Forever altered with stolen words

A secret communion rises from the ashes.