A screenplay treatment..

The Sundial

…in the far future there are two warring families, Art (the Drinkwaters) and Science (the Alsdecks). There is a rebel group, the Fourteen Reflectors. They are children of both families who have banded together in hope.

The Earthyear is 2996, the Empire year is 42, and it is the year of the Lizard in Aztec astrology. Everything is in its place and every place is in its thing. Except one. The final secret is missing. The Drinkwaters are sure that the Alsdecks think that the Drinkwaters have erased it from one of the Empire’s floppy discs.

The floppy in question is one that contains a game known as Cosmic Illuminations. This game will lead us through the story. This story has the possibility of going interactive…because that’s how the game is. The plot revolves around an ancient and ornate game board. A cat figure and a rhino figure are making moves around the board. The sequence of the spaces chosen will tell the story.

In the opening a NARRATOR explains some of the game possibilities and its probable consequences. Holographic dice exit the screen and land on the floor showing a 4. The floor is in a contemporary living room and around the game boards sits five people. The board game is Cosmic Illuminations. It is a very ornate and colorful game. Each space tells a story of the Fourteen Reflectors. They are all familiar with the game. As one of them moves the cat figure to a space marked Warp 1, the Narrator is speaking; “It started as an unassuming yet powerful board game invented in the metropolis of Maitland, FALUSA Earth. It turned into a way of life for one radical writer, one computer genius, two starving artists, and a bunch of struggling musicians. The name of the game is Cosmic Illuminations and was once played non-stop for forty-two hours by one starving artist, one musician, and assorted third players of the same persuasions. It led these same people on a strange and sometimes terrifying journey through the Infamous Chapel Perilous. But this is not the story of these trips. This could very well be the story of the Universe, the magicians, atoms and molecules, pyramids of all ethnic cultures, chocolate fondue, rain, the number twenty-three, video music, and the aesthetic value of the Spotted Gecko as an Eastern Art Form. But it is not about any of these things. So climb, if you will, and experience, if you can, the delusions of grandeur, the world of the visionary, the lamenting of latent genius and the light of illumination, all contained in this light hearted expose of the Seriusly inane.” This is the beginning of the sequence of events that will culminate in the uniting of the two families.

The Warp 1 square dissolves to a street carnival. There are displays erected up and down the street on both sides as far as the eye can see. Five of the Fourteen Reflectors are there. The Reflectors are a group of multi-oriented individuals, each with an important mission, dedicated to the uniting of the Empire. They are on their way to the Chatterbox, the Empire’s museum, to see the demonstration of SETH and MEDI’s newest invention, the Sundial. They had pooled their family’s knowledge and re-created something quite genuinely beautiful and most functional. It could pull the NOWS together.

The popular craze of 2996 is to re-produce mechanical objects, such as the telephone, the television and the car. The era that they know of as their Genesis is called Creation, but to most that information is as useful as bug repellent. It was the NOW generation that had turned the direction of humankind towards the stars. They distilled a knowledge that transcended the notion of eternity. Time is always in the NOW, so why can’t this NOW and that NOW be joined? That is a question thought to be answered by the scientists on the space road, but the artist is strapped on the TIME continuum. Seth and Medi have learned from OLIPH that the strings of time are connected and they have completed, for their Cosmic Connection class, a device that is capable of connecting the NOW of the Present with the NOW of the Past.

The Elders of the Empire are not yet convinced that the SunDial can really pull the NOWS together, yet it is on display at the museum, mostly because of who the two kids are that invented it. Seth and Medi have worked on it for seven years. They are going to test the full extent of its power this very evening. None of the Elders have tried it yet but they are very curious…as this creation has been showing its blueprints on the Empire’s command monitors unexpectedly.

Some of the displays are full of vibrant paintings, while others hold solitary objects made of dull metals and what looks like weatherworn wood. These objects are reputed to induce higher states of consciousness. There are crowds of humans in front of some of the displays. They are all dressed in costumes. Some are clowns, some are court jesters, some are Native Americans, and others are alien. All of them reflect a colorful variety of personalities (a cult of personality, if I may).

As the 5 Reflectors pass the replica of Elvis’ pink Cadillac, they are discussing the evening’s event, the unveiling of the SunDial, “Have you seen it yet?”, “Ah, but do they know who their friends are?”, and “Is the shadow pure?”, are some of the questions that can be heard coming from the crowd, which now includes MARTIN, RENEE, KEVIN, SHELLY, and SUNNY. They enter the museum and join the small group of people standing around the SunDial.

ZOOM into center of the SunDial, while holographic dice exit the screen and land on the floor resting on a 9. A rhino figure walks to a space that reads WARP 2. DISSOLVE to Medi entering a room, breathlessly. She is in a rush. She perches in front of a computer screen and punches a key. Seth immediately appears on the screen, saying, “I thought you’d never return!” They quickly become focused on planning the event. With the SunDial, they could finally show their families that they had found the final secret. This could bring the two families together again. Medi’s family is Aesthetically oriented, while Seth’s family is Scientific. Both clans have their place in the workings of the Empire, but there is still a gap between them, the final secret. 

This is the gap that Seth and Medi can bridge. They are studying with a mystic called Oliph. He has helped them to decode the complete manuscript of WHITE FEATHER – A SYMBOL OF THE IMAGINATION, a book written by a Twentieth century mystic who proclaimed to have brought the NOWS together. She was so soon trapped by the NOWS that she was silenced by the Government, mostly because they couldn’t have taxpayers trying to say that they had already paid their taxes. Her mathematical studies had proved to her that the linear motion of time was indeed reversible. Seth had been learning the codes and symbols of ancient civilizations. They have designed a device that, when exposed to the symbols found in WHITE FEATHER, drew the NOW of the Past and the NOW of the Present together.

Medi has entered the room much like a hurricane, speaking in one breath, “Well, there was so much to do!” Seth looks questioningly at her. “Here, I’ll show you”, Medi presses a button on her necklace and the screen changes into a blueprint of the SunDial. Medi says. “Let’s go out on the holodeck and interview a few more hosts.” “OK, I’ll be there in a minute”, Seth replies quickly.

The blueprint of the SunDial changes into the Cosmic Illuminations game board. Holographic dice exit the screen and land showing a 9. The cat figure walks to a space that reads PANCAKES. CUT to Seth in the corner of his room fiddling with a television. He turns the power on. We see the words THE ELDER’S HISTORY. Their history goes all the way back to 1947-48, and the duel inventions of the LP and the POLOROID LAND CAMERA. The screens show a montage of events in television history, in black and white. ZOOM to television screen. Clips of television history, including Morrow’s first broadcast, the Lindbergh kidnapping, Howdy Doody, Ed Sullivan, Soul Train, and the first Shuttle launches at NASA are shown. The last image is of the SunDial, which turns into the game board. 

Holographic dice exit the screen and land showing a 3. The rhino figure walks to a space marked Warp 3. 

FADE IN to high-tech classroom where Medi and Seth are sitting, listening to a man dressed in Renaissance clothing giving his lecture on the Strings of Time Being Connected. They are rapt in the words of Oliph. All this time the holodeck is visible through the Formaglass window and they are being watched by a figure on a chessboard. He is moving around the board making imaginary moves and making faces at them. Seth, Medi and Oliph are planning their show for the Elders. They intend to show the Elders that their worlds, Art and Science can be meshed successfully. “Suspension of TIME”, says Oliph. All of their computer screens show the blueprints of the SunDial, seeing it from all angles. ZOOM to a screen showing a full model of the SunDial. It once again turns into the Cosmic Illuminations game board and holo dice appear, rolling to a 5. The cat figure is moved to a space marked WARP 5.

We are once more in the contemporary living room, where the 5 people are playing the game. DAVID has just moved the cat. He looks to a woman sitting next to him on the floor and says, “What was that?” A long time after that, noticing that the other three have strained their ears for her answer, SMOKEY says, “The lights just blinked, that’s all.” “No, I felt something too”, says CHRISTINA. Next to her, DEVON replies, (as usual she is oblivious to unseen powers), “Come on PETER, it’s your move”.

Peter rolls the dice. Holographic dice exit the screen and roll to a 9. The rhino is moved to a space marked WARP 6. The space fades to a clear still day at a beachside pub with a clear view of an artificial ocean. Five of the Reflectors are sitting around a table at the Thirsty Droid. They are on a patio overlooking a chessboard, with the live players nearing the end of a game. They are only three pieces left. Two of the Reflectors rise and walk to a bar that holds rows of multi-colored beakers. After they select five of the waters, they saunter back to the table, laughing and watching the antics of the characters on the chessboard. KEVIN and MARTIN arrive back at the table in time to see the queen quickly make her move to the space behind the knight.

CUT to the three figures standing on the chessboard. The queen and the knight are glaring at each other, daring the other to step over the line. The only other figure on the board is motioning them to shut up! The five reflectors are laughing at them. “Look at those fools!” “At least they’re not afraid to cross the line!” replies another of the reflectors. The mocking continues until one of them bursts out with the question that they all have been thinking, “Do you really think they can pull the NOWS together?” “Do you doubt?” another reflector asks her incredulously. The other four sternly jive her for a minute or two. All that they have here is Virtual Reality. The Reflectors are a vanguard movement of this century. They inspire and inspect inventions that change the Empire, bringing it closer and closer to a living-working-being city of the Past. Their parents had all come from Prep Two, a nearby planet. They had colonized the Love Empire in the year 2965, and they had brought, along with their living quarters, complete access to encyclopedias dating back to 1965. Twentieth Century studies were their favorite. They are attempting to recreate the world that was then free and easy. 

They could trace their roots back to a Native American Princess known as White Feather. She had been born in 1954, and had, in her lifetime, envisioned the Empire, the world that they all lived in NOW. Born also in that Earthyear was the period NOW known as New Technology. Seth and Medi had finally scored the big one. Their SunDial can bring the being of what or whom they desire. This is not time travel. This is not part of yesterday. This is NOW. The ancestors knew that there was NO THING called TIME, but until this week, no one had ever brought the NOWS together. Seth and Medi are sure that they can NOW do this with their SunDial. They have already brought someTHING back with them. 

 Zoom back to the chessboard. Squares DISSOLVE into the game board, which transforms into the SunDial. This image is on Medi’s screen. Holographic dice exit the screen and stop showing a 4. The cat appears on her screen. This is the universe next door. Medi punches a few buttons. Seth appears on her screen. “It’s ready.” Medi is already out the door, heading for the holo-deck. The SunDial is carefully balanced on her arm.

CUT to Seth entering the holo-deck. He stands in the middle of the floor. Waiting for her, he watches Medi enter the area, slowly, carefully balancing the SunDial. Medi asks if Seth has checked Earthtime. Seth pushes a button on his belt and a holographic image of a clock appears. The hands point to 3:00. Seth replies, “Yes, they should all be sleeping NOW.” Medi smiles and say, “Let’s get this baby going then.”

Medi aligns the SunDial with the monitors mounted on pedestals around the area. They are ready to bring the NOWS together in a trial run of the SunDial. They have designed the SunDial to act with Medi’s necklace in synchronization with the Past. They are planning to visit the house where White Feather lived in her second incarnation. This is where the Final Secret was born. The same secret that the families have lost. They are determined to find it again. When Set says, “GO!” Medi uses her arms like clock hands, revolving slowly around the area, pointing her necklace at each monitor for 15 seconds. As she does so, each monitor clicks on, showing a blueprint of the SunDial. Each monitor shows a different angle. When all four monitors are pointing their SunDial drawings a Seth and Medi, they are standing on each side of the SunDial arm. They reach both of their arms forward, and as their fingers touch, they are instantly in the dark.

After a moment, they can see a faint light to their right. They carefully come together, both quite excited. As they move towards the light the objects in the room slowly come into focus. The light is on a wall behind a large wire object. They step closer. They hear a rustling. Then they see it. There is a large white bird standing in the center of a cage. It is looking at them. They look at each other, wide-eyed. They have never seen a bird alive. Moving. Still. Looking. Medi almost makes a squeal, but quickly catches herself as she looks around the room. This is White Feather’s house, she thinks. The secret is here. Seth kneels at a bookcase beside the cage, looking. Medi quickly scans the pile of music CD’s laying on a table. Her gaze stops when she spots something lying on the floor under the table. It is a white feather. She bends and scoops it into the front pocket of her skirt. The bird is rustling it’s feathers again. Seth and Medi look at each other and signal that it is time to go back (or forward?).

Seth takes a small penlight from his back pocket and touches it to Medi’s necklace. The beam instantly re-joins them with the SunDial. They start jabbering as quickly as they have arrived there. Medi blurts out, “Did you see the bird??” Medi is still in shock, “Never seen a bird!” “NOW you have”, Seth replies as he watched Medi visibly remember something and quickly reach into her front pocket. She pulls out the bird’s feather. Seth excitedly exclaims, “Proof!”

The SunDial they are standing over transforms into the game board. Holographic dice exit the screen and roll to a 5. The rhino appears on the space that reads Warp 7. WARP 7 FADES into Seth and Medi holding the SunDial in a classroom. They are showing it to Oliph for the first time. Oliph exclaims, “What a pleasant surprise, you’ve finished it already!” Seth and Medi begin speaking together, “You’re not going to believe it!” Oliph laughs, “Coming form you two, I’m sure I will.” Still together “We’ve been there!” Oliph explains to them the reason for their success, “Medi, with your necklace fully developed, and Seth, with your way with the pen, instead of using the Universal Code, you’ve drawn symbols that bring power to the idea of White Feather.”

ZOOM into the SunDial. It transforms into the Cosmic Illuminations game board and holo-dice appear, rolling to a 2. The cat figure is moved to a space marked WARP 8. The space FADES into the Street Festival, where groups of people are standing in front of a demonstration of new computer programs. A member of the Alsdeck family and a member of the Drinkwater family are standing there facing each other. They look questioningly at each other, wondering if either of them should speak. Finally the Drinkwater speaks, “I feel that I have to speak to you, Elder Waldo. The children have risen to work together and I feel that more members of the families should do so.” The Elder Waldo Alsdeck sighs and slowly speaks, “When it is done, Elder Moses, when it is done.” They watch the demos of the computer programs in relative silence. The programs are all shown in 0’s and 1’s. They understand machine language and respond along with the group.

PAN to the next door display of figurines of women through history. One of them is holding a SunDial. It is Medi. ZOOM into the model of the SunDial. It transforms into the game board and holographic come through thew screen and roll to a 5. The rhino is moved to a spaced marked LOOSE PARTICLES. The space DISSOLVES to a room that contains a bank of computers all tuned to different views of the blueprint of the SunDial. There is a crowd of scientists watching them. The questions heard in the crowd are, “Have you seen the model of it yet?”, “Does the image appear as matter?” and “is the shadow pure?” Images on the screens all blank out in sequence, as if they are candles being extinguished. The last screen, before the image is gone, slowly FADES into full color, shining brightly from the screen. Then it blinks out.

DISSOLVE to the Street Carnival. Seth and his brother are standing on a corner watching a Mask Dance. The figures are dressed in ancient costumes, all wearing masks of vibrant colors. This dance is telling a story of the game, Cosmic Illuminations. Two of the dancers are in the costumes of the rhino and the cat. They are facing each other as the Narrator speaks, “Round two: They meet. Electric magnetism and gravity aren’t it turns out, the only primordial powers. The continuum remains the same, and the power is found there. The Electro magnetic gods now sit in communal session with the deities of gravity; they ponder feverishly in search of some name, some identifying characteristic, and some distinguishing feature by which they might unhinge the Final Secret.”

DISSOLVE to the cat figure on the game board. Holo dice appear and roll to a 3. The cat moves to a space marked BELL’S THEREOM. DISSOLVE to an inter-room at the Chatterbox. Seth and Medi are just about ready to show to their families what they have made. Medi is fiddling with her necklace. Medi whispers, “I hope they like it. Going interactive with the Past is not exactly like another night at the Rainbow Grill.” Seth is excited, “The bird will blow them away.” Seth is pulling out of his bag a long silk and suede package. “Let’s look at it again.” Seth and Medi are still awestruck by what they had done. They had traveled to the Past and brought back a feather from White Feather’s bird. They know NOW that Christina is the angel that their ancestors have been searching their Past for. Seth opens the package and rolls it out to its full length. In the center is a solitary white feather. Seth and Medi OOH and AHH at it again. Just then there is a knock at the door. Medi rolls the package back together and carefully ties it with the silk cord. Seth moves to the door and opens it. His brother is standing there. He says, “Are you guys ready?” Medi replies, laughing, “As we never will be.” They all move to the SunDial. Medi checks her necklace. The SunDial transforms into the game board. Holo dice exit the screen and roll to a 3. The SunDial transforms into the game board and the cat figure moves to a corner of board, where the game began. It is marked START. The space dissolves to the classroom of Oliph.

Should they explode with burning questions concerning a universal consciousness, thought Oliph, he would quickly turn the conversation into a reflective wave of confessions exhibiting a profound sense of reality in the actual realization that time is the true Supreme Being.

Although during the entire episode the four of them had sat quietly and watched with intense concentration the events that had unfolded on the screen, Oliph half-expected Amedi, Sethnaelc, and himself to want to talk about what they had seen. But they didn’t.

Yesterday they had spoke of the probability that there actually was a Necessary Being, but today one of them had decoded a possibility that there was no actual of necessary need for a all-powerful being, which logically made it impossible for there not to be one. And they were now in contact, in the most literal sense of the word, with what it is.

Medi was already making a list. Seth was frantically shuffling his pile of pen and ink drawings, searching for the few that would illustrate just how he was feeling.

What was the thought that kept tugging at Seth’s stand? What was the missing piece? In time it was there.  The illusion, that floating connection betwixt time and space, thought and action that seemed unnoticed and unnaturally inherent in the relationship between man and the Godhead was alive in the minds of the three. The illusion was real, and like language and systems, was interpreted differently by each of them.

What it was that had lead each of them to their constellation of the heart, a feather, a white feather, the symbol of the imagination’s creativity, was the missing piece. Purely physical, matter and motion had brought it to life. In simple terms, all of the strings of existing in time were connected. No static at all. Could this miracle be expressed? With ordinary words? Not exactly.

At this moment, Oliph knew that what would transpire in the next few moments would forever change all of their lives. Seth spoke first. He spoke about knowing that he was not needed. He knew from experience that this grand duel existence of earth and sky would continue to function even if he was no part of his earthly being. He felt that although he was actual being, there was a possibility that he was not necessary in this probably contingent “world”. But he knew that this sounded absurd, so he thought that his drawings would better display the argument he wished to put forth. He asked them to be patient while he searched.

Medi quite pointedly remarked that, in her experience, her learned adversaries had pointed out a direction to follow in her studies. She also made it clear to her two true friends that she was making lists for them, lists containing landmarks for marking the beginnings of their individual journeys. She was positive that she was a Necessary Being. She had been told that her experiences should be viewed as a model for others who wished to live the complete limen existence. As she quite excitedly pointed out the “Rules of Translation”, Seth motioned for silence as he held up the drawing that he had been looking for. With his finger at his lips like that he looked like a lost child. Medi dropped her papers as she gazed at the hidden faces of the angels.

After a long silence, Oliph responded to the mysterious suspension of time while they had reflected on old and new memories of the past and present arguments for and against reasons for a “first cause”. He had recently explored the worlds of some of the Goddess cultures alive again today. Rituals were what he felt was the large attraction to organized religion. The human psyche has a inherent need for the practice of ceremonies and exhibition. He also believed that the journey into the twenty-first century “on the arms of angels” was mystically represented by a linking, if you will, of culture and consciousness in the form of sound and vision. His argument (for a Supreme Being) rested on pure mathematical science. If he could prove to both Seth and Medi that neither could, existing in their present form, “be” without “the other”, sound and vision then is the link to time, the supernatural reality. 1+1=2

Each of their paradigms was lost. The truths they had thought were now actual. A New World of thought has reasonably infected their minds. The matter was apparent, causing their virgin a priori system to fade out, leaving a system to resurrect a very specific background to guide their discussions. Just as religion and science have faced away from each other all of this time, Seth and Medi’s methods of exploration had never crossed paths, but here they were, connected by sound and vision. They had met “on the Net”.

At the first of their meetings, Seth and Medi each held on to the fact that there were similarities in the evidence that they had gathered, concerning totally opposite stands. Enough evidence that they felt that they needed a third voice to present and defend their principles. They needed a priest, and educated priest. The priest that they had found, Oliph, had recently published a book called INTERACTIVE APOCALYPSE. Oliph explained to them his realization that he himself had been guilty of the impiety of denying the existence of a deity.

Oliph explained to them his realization that he himself had been guilty of the impiety of denying the existence of a deity. Consideration of the idea of a divine being of such proportions has incorporated itself into paramount reality. Medi and Seth are the missing link that he needed to base his beliefs on. The two keys, science and religion, entered the same lock, and with a gentle turn, would set the three free. Free from the boundaries set by them, to enter the Godhead and realize their dreams, they would “live long and prosper”.

The silence had been broken. Centuries rich with introspection held the key to eternity. Time was a soldier, quietly contemplating its goal. “We three have appealed to the true silence”, thought Seth. Seth was the quiet one, preferring the value of symbols to that of language. Medi was the one who had the audacity to believe that all tongues are in code, speaking to her alone.

She especially liked lists. They were 3-dimensional in her eyes. Like the viewer of Seth’s artwork, she could see images and symbolism of the letters that were blended to create the words on the paper.

TIME has stopped for me now

In this short small space.

I’ve left messages for the queen, 1

Contacted the reliquary manufacturing plant, 2

And arranged a time to meet with

The Prince of Symbols. 3

I AM continuing research on the possible uses 


Space. 4

The religious experience

…The same mysterious act.

…Manifestations of sacred realities.

…Possible dimensions of human existence. 

< What (it) is to become “our world” must first be

CREate “d”

In my EXPERIENCE, the numinous feeling has been one of identification with “the wholly other”.

(The Urantia Book, p. 1090)

“Well, Medi, what have you learned?” said Oliph. As Medi lifted her head to gaze respectfully at him, she realized that this was the first time that he had asked her that question. She had always been quick to express her emotions around Oliph, but he had never acknowledged her opinions as more that ranting and ravings of a passionate soul.

In her sad way, she asked Oliph just how he wanted to hear her exposition. She had told many people, hundreds, on her way to the ten thousand. Maybe more, she thought, knowing her word was spread by the ones that she had already infected. “Industrial disease”, she laughed and cried at once.

Books that Oliph had given to her had been read. What she already knew had been juxtaposed with the opinions of learned men such as Freud and Marx. (She thought that maybe Marx had known what she did.) Oh, the journey to the other side was a long one. But she knew that Oliph was aching to begin. She thought that maybe she should send him on a route that she knew, like she had the others.

First she must tell him about the others. No, she decided, the others would make themselves apparent to him, as she had taught them.

 “Well, Oliph, this is what I have learned. We all can predict the future, change the past and secure the moment. You might ask me what that means and I will have to say that I don’t know exactly. Because I am not sure where we are going with all this. I just know how to get there. In my own way, I will tell you what I know positively about God, I AM.”

Medi paused to glance at Seth. He nodded and she knew she was correct in pursuing this manner of persuasion. They both knew that it was just a feeling. At least it had started that way for both of them. A romance with the supernatural is what had brought them together at last. They knew that they must be discreet about it, but for some reason, they both trusted Oliph.

Medi told that she preferred the Teleological Argument, believing that there was a maker was logical. She paused to list some things that she had learned.

Definitions of Time

Aristotle – number of movement in respect of the before and after.

Plotinus – the life of the Soul in movement as it passes from one stage of act or experience to another.

Augustine – a present of things past, memory; present of things present, sight; present of things future, expectations.

McTaggert’s Argument - The term P is earlier than the term Q, if it is ever past while Q is present, or present while Q is future.

More Questions

How does science or rationality become an issue in the analysis of magic as a cultural indicator?

In what ways do we note potential parallels, areas of comparison and contrast, between the distinction between religion and magic and the distinction between science and magic?

What is the relationship between rationality, magic and ritual?

How does a symbolic system become transformed into an instrumental action or belief?

How are instrumental actions and beliefs constituted by a symbolic system that is an end in itself?

Why do so many persons confuse expressive beliefs and actions with actions that are a means to an end?

Rituals as expressive or symbolic systems function to satisfy certain needs of the individual and society.

Medi is speaking, “Well, Oliph, this is what I have learned. We all can predict the Future, change the Past and secure the Moment. You might ask me what that means and I will have to tell you that I don’t know exactly, because I am not sure where we are going with all this. I just know how to get there. In my own way I will tell you what I know exactly about White Feather; I AM.”

Medi pauses to glance at Seth. He nods and she knows she is correct in pursuing this manner of persuasion. They both know that it is just a feeling. At least it had started that way for both of them. A romance with the supernatural is what had brought them together. They knew that they both must be discreet about it, but they trusted Oliph. It is apparent that this is a memory of Oliph’s as he is walking to the door of the classroom to join the others at the Chatterbox.

CUT to the Street Festival. The five Reflectors are hurrying through the crowd outside the Chatterbox. Renee says, “Did you see Oliph?” Kevin points, “He’s over there in the Blue.” Martin is looking worried as he says, “You know, this might not work.” The rest of them say together, “What do you mean?” Martin replies,”The Elders might decide not to subsidize the SunDial for public use!” Kevin looks disappointed, “That sure would be a letdown.” Renee solemnly says, “Seth and Medi will wonder what all their work was for.” She quickly changes her mood, “No, that won’t happen.” They enter the Chatterbox just as Seth and Medi enter through a side door. They all wink and salute each other at one time. They are all ready. The Elders enter and they all walk to a smaller room where the rest of the Reflectors and the SunDial are waiting. Everyone stands around nervously as Seth speaks, looking at members of his family one at a time. “Did you go to the Chess Game this afternoon?” He thinks that a little small talk might lighten the mood in the room. A few of the people nod. Medi says, “Are you ready to play another game?” A few of the Reflectors giggle.

ZOOM to the SunDial in the center of the room. The SunDial transforms into the Cosmic Illuminations game board and holo dice exit the screen and land showing a 2. The rhino is moved to a space marked WARP 9. DISSOLVE to a contemporary living room where Christina, Peter, Devon, Smokey, and David are playing the Cosmic Illuminations game. Christina jumps up from the floor and passes her bird’s cage to turn on the television. “What is it?” says her brother David. “I thought I heard something” says Chris. “What good is that going to do you?” says Peter, referring to the television. “I don’t know, just watch, OK?” says Christina. There is a movie beginning called TWO BROKEN ANGELS. As the movie begins, the opening credits describe the movie as a combination of the Wild Palms trilogy, the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the current series, the X-Files. “Hey, this looks good” says Smokey. As the movie begins, a sundial is shown as the object that inspired the movie. Christina looks perplexed, “I dreamt about a sundial last night.” Peter startles, “So did I.” Devon is not interested. Peter says to Devon, “It’s your turn. It’s time we finish this game; then we can watch TV.” As they all turn to watch Devon take her turn, ZOOM into center of the game board. The board transforms into the SunDial that Medi has just lifted off of the pedestal that held it.

Medi raises her necklace level with the SunDial and presses a button. She has programmed it to act in synch with the computers back at the Center, and as she does so, there is a flash of blinding light in the room. When the SunDial comes into view again not only Seth and Medi now surround it, but two other people are standing there with them. The two new people look confused and out of sorts. The room starts buzzing. Whispers are heard, “Who are they?”, “Look!”, “Where did they come from?”, “It works!”, and “Hooray for Seth and Medi!” are just a few of the whispers that can be heard. The two new people look back and forth from Seth and Medi to each other, and to the SunDial. “There it is, just like in my dream!”

There is silence in the room now. No one knows if they are waiting for the two new people to introduce themselves or if Seth and Medi even know who they are. Finally Medi says, “Hello White Feather.” Chris says, “How do you know who I am? And where are we anyway? What happened?” Seth replies, “You are in the same place you were before. It’s just that a long time has passed since you became White Feather.” “What do you mean?” says Chris. Medi decides it will be easier if she explains to herself what has happened. “Yes, you are in the same space you were before, but we have brought you to the future!” “Your future,” she adds.

The roaring in the room has begun again. One of the Drinkwater Elders turns to an Alsdeck Elder and says, “Do you think she brought the Final Secret?” “Of course, you fool, she IS the Final Secret!” replies the Alsdeck Elder. “Oh.”

The Fourteen Reflectors leave the room. There is a celebration that they must prepare for NOW. The Drinkwaters and the Aldecks will have nothing more to argue about, NOW that the children have proved to them that they have invented a way to combine the NOWS successfully. Everybody left in the room look around at each other, smiling.

Peter and Christina are smiling as well, NOW that they know that all of their dreams and all of their work have been in preparation for this moment. They join hands with their “Others”, Seth and Medi and leave the room, looking for the party.

ZOOM into the SunDial, which transforms into the game board in White Feather’s living room. Only David, Devon and Smokey are left sitting around the board. “Where did they go? asks Devon. David ignores her and continues to pack up the finished game. Finally he turns to her and says, “OK, NOW we can watch the movie.”